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"Dieter Casier understands and can teach JKD. He is an instructor with the Wednesday Night Jeet Kune Do group.

He has been tested by the entire Board Of Directors and we recommend him highly.

If you're interested in learning JKD, then Dieter is one you can be sure of."


"Dieter, hang in there."

Jim Sewell

"Thanks for your dedication to Jeet Kune Do."

Linda Lee

"I have known Dieter Casier for several years and I am fortunate enough to call him my friend.

Dieter has what I believe are the absolute qualities a top coach must have in order to be successful.

Dieter possess great Enthusiasm and it is with that enthusiasm that he inspires people to be great, to create a magnificent obsession which very well may be a life long journey of self discovery and exploration of themselves. He has the Breadth & Depth of the topics at hand. The who, what where, how and why's of what he is teaching. He is able to lay it out in a Structured Logical Progression from A to Z in a manner in which teaches the seamless transition of tactics, strategies and techniques and has the ability Communicate is extraordinary he has the ability to speak to each and every student on a level in which they can understand.

I highly recommend Dieter Casier."

Dieter Casier is an excellent coach and very skilled martial artist.

His passion and knowledge show in everything he does.

I strongly recommend anyone in the area to come train with him at the Primal Elite!!

"Keep training hard."

Rickson Gracie

"My friend, Strong Spirit Strong Life."

Kaulin and Kron Gracie


You are always welcome

"Dieter, you are not just a great training partner, you are also a great friend.

Your students are lucky to have such an amazing instructor."


Dieter is one of the most dedicated and skilled guys I know.....I hope you guys understand the gift you have within Dieter. He only grows better and better just to give you the knowledge he vastly seeks....it's an ULTIMATE HONOR to have BOTMA represented with such an amazing martial artist, but most importantly. My friend!!!!"



Remember... keep thriving in chaos

"You are Jeet Kune Do, nothing more."


And Many More....