Dieter Casier

Founder and head instructor Reality Fighting System

Founder and head instructor Primal Europe

Head coach Primal Fighting Team

Head coach submission fighting Team

Founder and member of the Primal Brotherhood

Official board member WNG

Official Full Jeet Kune Do Instructor Wednesday Night Group

Full Jeet Kune Do instructor WNG Belgium/Ninove

Full Jeet Kune Do instructor  'Jim Mc Cann'

Representive Coach "Old school grappling association"

Journeyman level 2 coach 'snake pit USA'

Head coach catch wrestling 'Old school grappling Belgium'

Official coach MMA Xtremefreestyle USA 'Jim Mc Cann'

Black Belt Free Fight  Belgium

Founder/Full star combatives instructor Primal Elite Europe

1st Degree Black Belt Close Quarter Combatives 'Jim Mc Cann'

Full Close Combat Instructor 'Hans De Burchgraeve'

Advanced instructor Knife 'W.Hock Hocheim

Advanced instructor unarmed combatives 'W.Hock Hocheim'

Advanced instructor Filipino Combatives 'W.Hock Hocheim'

Advanced instructor Pacific Archipelago Combatives 'W.Hock Hocheim'

Representive Kali Method  for Europe

Representive BOTMA system for Europe

Davy Vanspeybrouck

Full Instructor Reality Fighting System

Full instructor Primal fight system

Two stars Combatives instructor Primal Elite Europe

Associate jeet Kune Do instructor WNG Belgium

Coach Primal Fight Team

Coach submission fighting Team

Member of the Primal Brotherhood

Lorenzo Benedettino

Advanced Level 4 Reality Fighting System

Apprentice instructor Primal fight system

Coach Primal Fight team

Primal Kickbox fighter " The Hurricane"- C-klasse

Member of the Primal Brotherhood